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Ledger Nano S: Weak Physical Design



Bug Type


Affected Wallet

Ledger Nano S


An attacker with physical access can physically manipulate the device without the user noticing.

The Bloomburglar

Vulnerability Details

Since The Ledger Nano S case does not provide any sort of tamper evidence, it is susceptible to being opened and manipulated. The debug port of the Ledger Nano S MCU is directly accessible once opened. A supplier with control of the supply chain, i.e. a malicious sellar on ebay, could easily manipulate the wallet without the buyer noticing. The attacker could easily place an implant capable of injecting and manipulating data sent to wallet. As this vulnerability requires a physical redesign to the Ledger case, this bug is unlikely to be fixed.


The Open Source Hardware Design of the Bloomburglar is available on our Github page.

What is a physical vulnerability?

Physical vulnerabilities are vulnerabilities affecting the hardware design of the hardware wallet. Once the device has been manufactured, hardware vulnerabilities cannot be mitigated and can only be fixed in a future hardware revision of the device. This class of vulnerabilities is unlikely to be fixed by the wallet vendor.

Using the Ledger Nano S?

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